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Efficient, Easy & Affordable POS Systems for Retail, Restaurants, Bars & Service Businesses in Kenya

Our Point of Sale Software works online , offline & on Mobile(Android). Call/Whatsapp 0792022994

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Looking for the ideal Point of Sale Solution for your Business?

You came to the right place.

We offer Efficient & Affordable Point of Sale(POS) Software for Retailers, Minimarts, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants & Bars in Kenya. Call 0792022994 today.

Our POS systems are built for desktop, mobile and web, and can work both online and offline.

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Get the Ideal POS System for your business.

RetailStar POS is a Retail Point of Sale Software (POS) ideal for small and medium enterprises. RetailStar POS incorporates Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Stock Control, Lipa na Mpesa integration, KRA eTimms integration. It has several Reports to assist with business management & analysis. RetailStar POS is successfully deployed in over 1,000 retailers, supermarkets & minimarts in Kenya & East Africa and is growing in popularity.  It's Efficient, Easy & Affordable.

RetailStar POS is the   ideal POS System for supermarkets, minimarts, small retail shops, wine & spirits shops, pharmacies, agrovets, Cosmetic Shops, Electrical & hardware, Mobile phone/electronics & accessories shops

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HotelStar POS is a modern Restaurant POS /Hotel Management System to make the work of managing your Bar/Restaurant/Hotel easy and efficient. Fully Touch enabled and Accessible across devices, its loaded with features and  reports. HotelStar POS incorporates Roomio Accommodation module and Hotel Property Management System( PMS).  We have  successfully deployed HotelStar POS  in several hotels in Kenya including 3 star establishments

HotelStar POS System is  the ideal Point of Sale  system for Hotels, Restaurant, Bars, Clubs, Bakeries, Cafes, Fast food  joints, Coffee Shops, Inns and  Hospitality/Accommodation Facilities in Kenya

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eRetail Business Manager is a web based point of sale system. Its Connected to the cloud to enable you access your data from  online. Also Works Offline. The main features include a touch enabled POS interface with an easy to use GUI, Inventory Management, staff management.

Ideal for Clothing Stores, Saloons, Barbershops,  laundry shops

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SellioCloud is a Mobile(Android) Based POS & Inventory Management System/App Purposed for Businesses That Need the Flexibility and Benefits of Mobile. Runs on Android. Syncs to Cloud.

Ideal for kiosk, mobile sales, van/bike sales, event sales, theme/game parks , ticketing, & very small shops

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We give the best prices for restaurant POS software. Supermarket/Minimart POS System, and Retail Point of Software (POS) in Kenya

Wholesalers, Retailers, Supermarket, Pharmacies

Pharmacies, Minimart, supermarket, Hardware Shop, cosmetic shop and any general Retail business

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Hotels,Fast Food Joints, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants

HotelStar is ideal for Hotels,   Fast food  Joints, Bars & Restaurants. Hotels with Accommodation

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Service Business,Theme Parks, Ticketing

Salons, barbershops, Theme parks, Ticketing & Any other Service Based Business

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POS Solutions  will help you operate efficiently, monitor business perfomance and keep track of your  Investment

Digitize.. Improve..Grow

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Why Adopt a POS System?

No matter what type of retailer you are, adopting a POS (point of sale) system can turn your business around by providing an all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues. Inventories that fail to match tallies, unrecorded sales, human errors and the time wasted on correcting them are all fairly common problems faced by retailers on a daily basis. They are all easily avoided when using a POS system that accurately collects and records data, allowing you to really see how your business is functioning and how to continually improve it.

  • Secure your Investment
  • Monitor Business Performance
  • Make informed decision
  • Minimize human error
  • Get financing Easily
  • Plan the growth of your Business
  • Help Tax Compliance
  • Improve speed & Efficiency
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We do POS Software & Hardware  installation  in most Countries in the Eastern & Central Africa Region( Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan & Rwanda)


We offer Efficient, Easy & Affordable POS software & hardware for retailers, supermarkets & restaurants/bars in Kenya. For Desktop, Mobile & Cloud.  Our POS Software Works online , Offline & on Mobile(Android). Call / Whatsapp 0792022994

Talk to us, lets understand your needs and we endeavor to provide the most ideal  Point of Sale Solution for your Business. We give the best prices for POS Software and Hardware in Kenya.
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View  Past and ongoing deployments of POS Software & Hardware for Supermarkets, minimarts, pharmacy & Cosmetics, Bakery, Wine & spirits  ,Small Shops/Businesses, Barbershops, Clothing Stores, Restaurants POS Sytes, Hardware shops. We give the best prices for POS Software & Hardware Systems in Kenya

POSmart Systems is a reliable and leading provider of the Best Retail PO, Restaurant and Hotel POS Software in Kenya. When looking Point of Sale Software for Small Business in Kenya, POSmart Systems is the provider of choice at the best price in Kenya. Now is the time to join the growing list of retail shops, restaurants/bars   in Kenya that choose the Best POS to handle their business operations