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POS Systems for Retail, Restaurants, Bars & Service Businesses in Kenya

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Looking for the ideal Point of Sale Solution for your Business?

You came to the right place.

Get the Ideal POS Systems for your business. We offer efficient, user-friendly & affordable point of sale software & hardware for retailers, supermarkets & restaurants/bars in Kenya. Built for Desktop, Mobile & Cloud.

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Wholesalers, Retailers, Supermarket, Pharmacies

Pharmacies, Minimart, supermarket, Hardware Shop, cosmetic shop and any general Retail business

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Fast Food Outlets, Bars, Restaurants

HotelStar is ideal for  Fast food  Outlets, Bars & Restaurants. Hotels with Accommodation

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Service Business,Theme Parks, Ticketing

Salons, barbershops, Theme parks, Ticketing & Any other Service Based Business

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POS Solutions  will help you operate efficiently, monitor business perfomance and keep track of your  Investment

Digitize.. Improve..Grow

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Why Adopt a POS System?

We specialize in development and delivery of programs in the  following areas:

  • Secure your Investment
  • Monitor Business Performance
  • Make informed decision
  • Tax Compliance
  • Get financing Easily
  • Plan the growth of your Business
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Talk to us, lets understand your needs and we endeavor to provide the most ideal  Point of Sale Solution for your Business. We give the best prices for POS Software and Hardware in Kenya
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